MWLC Endorses Theresa Schmitt!

Theresa Schmitt for Missouri House District 120"Theresa Schmitt has a wealth of experience that she brings to representing Missouri House District 120.  She is a certified aviation mechanic and successfully worked in that field when it was anything but welcoming to women.  She grew up raising and training horses and worked in that field at Boys’ Town upon her return to Crawford County.  As a realtor, she learned a lot about land values and how to work with people to fulfill their dreams of owning a home.  Most recently, she has chosen to pursue a new degree in political science and communication.  She can handle anything the world throws at her and she is ready to work for her chosen community.

As a single mother most of the time that she was raising her children, Theresa knows firsthand how hard it is to make a go of it in rural Missouri.  Choosing to raise her children in the city of Steelville, she bought an upholstery business and taught herself how to reupholster furniture, boats, automobile seats and motorcycle seats.  She continues to support herself as a small business owner, making it a challenge to afford healthcare, especially with a preexisting condition.   Not only is affordability an issue, but availability is also a problem.  More and more rural hospitals are closing and there is a huge lack of general practice physicians.  She is fully aware of these problems.

Theresa is a very compassionate and caring person who cares about her local community and deliberately reaches out and makes herself available to those in need.  Because of her outreach, she has had her eyes opened to other problems in this area such as the opioid crisis, underfunded schools, lack of jobs and stagnant wages, and infrastructure issues such as limited broadband Internet and crumbling roads and bridges.

After reaching out to help locally, Theresa is now ready to take these issues to the state level to work for change.  She has established herself as one who is willing to listen to our concerns and work for us in Jefferson City.  She is also committed to running a transparent campaign and serving with integrity." Theresa Schmitt, MWLC's endorsed candidate for Missouri House District 120.

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