MWLC Endorses Teri Hanna!

Teri_Hanna_Endorsement.png"I was born in Barton County and have lived in this area all my life so I know the issues that are a concern here.  We Missourians should not settle for anything less than:
• An exemplary education in a safe environment for our children, Missouri's future.
• Quality, affordable health care.
• A living wage for our workforce, where the working class isn't sold out in favor of corporations.
There are many issues that are important to me and the rest of my District.  Missourians deserve elected officials who represent the people they serve.  I'm Teri Hanna and I want to be that representative in District 127.

I am a mother of 3 daughters who blessed me with 8 grandchildren and now a great-granddaughter.

I was a customer service manager at Walmart, then worked as an office manager, scale clerk at a landfill and went from there to the USPS as a letter carrier/tech where I retired 3 years ago. I was temporarily raising 3 grandchildren at the time so I took about 8 months off and then returned part-times a waitress in a small local cafe like I did when I was younger.

I was a 4H leader, PTO member and helped with all school functions when my daughters were in school, I was a member of the ladies aux. of the Eagles Club but let my membership go after I took on the grandchildren due to school activities, work etc. because I didn't feel I was giving them enough of my time. When I see that I can help someone I do and when there is a problem to solve I try to do it and I don't back down from it!" - Teri Hanna, MWLC's endorsed candidate for Missouri House District 127.

It takes big money to run. Consider making a donation to the MWLC PAC to provide the important financial support to Teri Hanna and other progressive women who are running for State office from areas outside Missouri's two major cities.

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MWLC was founded in 2001 to achieve political gender equality in Missouri by recruiting and helping elect progressive women from cities, suburbs, small towns and rural areas outside of STL and KC.

We are a nonpartisan organization.

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