MWLC Endorses Ronna Ford!

Ronna Ford for Missouri House District 129

"Ronna retired after a 30-year teaching career in 2013 and has since taken on the work of being an education and community activist. During her career, she raised more than $300,000 in grants to supplement her programs. Her biggest achievement was raising enough money to build a pro-grade culinary kitchen for her students studying Restaurant Management, one of Missouri’s first ServSafe-certified high school programs. She took a second job cooking at a country club to earn enough work hours to become one of the first ProStart Certified teachers in the state. She also co-wrote the personal finance curriculum that was mandated by Missouri law in 2004. 

She decided to run for elected office after the 2016 election. Only about 10 percent of the representatives in the current Missouri House are teachers or former teachers. Her goal is to fight for family-sustaining wages for all workers, but particularly those in public service. She wants to be a fierce advocate for children and families." Ronna Ford, MWLC's endorsed candidate for Missouri House District 129.

It takes big money to run. Consider making a donation to the MWLC PAC to provide the important financial support to Ronna and other progressive women who are running for State office from areas outside Missouri's two major cities.

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MWLC was founded in 2001 to achieve political gender equality in Missouri by recruiting and helping elect progressive women from cities, suburbs, small towns and rural areas outside of STL and KC.

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