MWLC Endorses Lisa Buhr!

Lisa Buhr for Missouri House District 49"I’ve worked for the State for over 18 years, the last 5 right in the capitol building, and I see first hand how our legislators pass bills that don’t seem to benefit Missourians. It's frustrating. It's almost like they’ve forgotten that they work for us.

Before I filed, a coworker showed me an article that said over 40% of candidates had no opponent in the last election, and it shocked me. So on the last day of filing I thought to myself not in my district, this year’s gonna be different.

I plan on running a campaign focused on protecting workers rights, ensuring access to quality affordable healthcare, and fully meeting the needs of Missouri’s k-12 schools." - Lisa Buhr, MWLC's endorsed candidate for Missouri House District 49.

It takes big money to run. Consider making a donation to the MWLC PAC to provide the important financial support to Lisa Buhr and other progressive women who are running for State office from areas outside Missouri's two major cities.

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MWLC was founded in 2001 to achieve political gender equality in Missouri by recruiting and helping elect progressive women from cities, suburbs, small towns and rural areas outside of STL and KC.

We are a nonpartisan organization.

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  • David Schlup
    commented 2018-07-06 09:25:41 -0500
    Please fix the work comp laws in the State of Missouri, so injured workers in the State of Missouri are able to get medical care for their workplace injuries.

    I was injured on the job in the State of Missouri in 2010, over seven and a half years ago and I still can’t get medical care for my workplace injuries.

    You can read more about my workplace injuries on my website: