MWLC Endorses Kayla Chick!

Kayla Chick for Missouri House District 117

"My name is Kayla Chick and I am running for the Missouri House of Representatives in District 117. There are several reasons why I decided to put my name in to run this year. The most influential of those is the desire to serve my District.  I have been very involved in politics since I was a young girl, choosing to watch CSPAN rather than reality shows.  I feel it’s important for everyone to be involved in their government because apathy is what kills Democracies. I live in a very conservative area but strongly believe in policy over party.  I face an uphill climb, but I have never been one to back away from a challenge.  I am an outsider but want to bring a fresh outlook to Jefferson City.

The issues that matter most to me are money in politics, Healthcare, protecting Union workers and their families, legalizing marijuana, and making sure Missourians are paid a living wage.  Citizens United was one of the worst decisions ever made by the Supreme Court, but there are laws we can create locally that expose who gets money from what Corporation and limits the amount they can take.  Healthcare is important to me because I have worked in this field for nearly ten years.  I do not agree with repealing The Affordable Care Act, but I do believe in finding solutions to make it more accessible for those who still go every day without health care.  I am strongly against ‘Right to Work’ and oppose the move of the vote to the August primaries.  If you look at the top States with Opioid abuse, Missouri is on that list. Legalizing Marijuana may be a way to end this crisis and offers a safer way to treat pain and illnesses.  The cost of living has risen steadily while wages remain stagnant and I do not think anyone should have to work two or even three jobs to support a family." - Kayla Chick, MWLC's endorsed candidate for Missouri House District 117.

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