MWLC Endorses Crystal Stephens!

Crystal Stephens for Missouri Senate District 18

About me
As I am actively involved in civic and political issues, I have sought to create effective change in the Democratic Party. I am currently the President of the Missouri Federation of Women’s Democratic Clubs 6th Congressional District; Secretary and co-founder of the Mark Twain Federated Democratic Club; former Secretary of the Marion County Democratic Central Committee and have worked with many other groups and clubs to organize and network Democrats throughout Missouri. I have worked for local candidates as well as county and state candidates. I have been involved in politics for many years (in the background), and have gained vast experience from previous, current and potential lawmakers. I attended candidate training though Camp Wellstone as well as the National Democratic Training Committee. I feel that the time has come for me to use my knowledge and personal experience to serve the 18th Senatorial District. I am hopeful and determined to bring common sense ideas from the people to Jefferson City.

As you may know, I have also been actively involved in creating change in my community. I am the founder of Concerned Citizens for Safe Water NE MO. A small group of women who fought for clean, safe water in Hannibal, MO. We have made progress in that we will be getting a new water treatment method, but there is more to do. My hope is to bring attention to the complicated issue of clean water, our infrastructure and the health of the people to the forefront of issues in the 18th District.

My Vision for the 18th District
I believe there are workable solutions available that will ensure our family farms and communities have safe, clean water; a strong infrastructure; renewable energy, productive rural economic development and fully funding education which is an investment in our children and our future, without creating a hardship for lower income taxpayers.

There are 14 counties in District 18 so this will be a huge challenge, but I believe with your support, we can make a difference and change the 18th District from red to BLUE.

I would like to see Missouri once again aspire to do great things.

  • Provide healthcare for everyone
  • Save rural hospitals
  • Build the best roads and bridges
  • Bring in renewable energy with common sense approaches and to keep profits in the state
  • Draw businesses, which create good paying Union jobs
  • Have the best-prepared students who choose to use their education to better Missouri
  • Save our family farms and make them prosperous and competitive with Big Ag
  • Protect our natural resources for future generations

My hope is to make the 18th Senatorial District the envy of the state by blending traditional methods with progressive methods to keep us competitive without losing our history.

  • I support limited foreign ownership of Missouri farmland.
  • I will fight to keep the Property Tax Credit, which so many low-income Missourians depend on each year.
  • I support fully funding education and our public schools. Investing in our children is an investment in our future. Charter schools will only drain public school resources.
  • I support better pay for our teachers.
  • I support a living wage (No one working full-time should need the social safety net to make ends meet)
  • I support protecting programs which help our poor, elderly, disabled and veterans and allows them to live with dignity.
  • I support passing the Equal Rights Amendment, which will finally recognize women as equals in Missouri.
  • I support equal pay for women.
  • I support Unions and Union Wages.

Why Vote for me? I am one of YOU!
What separates me from any other candidate is that I have personal experience with what the people of the 18th Senatorial District face every day. Having “knowledge of” and having “experience with” are different things. I feel strongly that I must step forward and offer the voters of the 18th District a choice. I am not a career politician, I am not wealthy. I am running a grassroots campaign and am not looking for personal gain. My only goal is to improve the quality of life for everyone in the 18th District.

My campaign strategy is just, to tell the truth, be honest, make it personal to the people I talk to (as in what they stand to lose or gain) and run a campaign with integrity. All I can do in the end is just stand up for what is right and hope people feel the same no matter what the party and get voters to realize that Democrats are the ones looking out for their best interests.

I need your support!
I am excited at the possibility of serving the people of the 18th District. However, before I can serve, I must conduct a very aggressive campaign. While I do not have a primary, there are four Republicans running for State Senate in the 18th District. They have the money to run. Whoever wins the Republican primary will be a challenge to beat as they have big money backing them or they have the money to back themselves. - Crystal Stephens, MWLC's endorsed candidate for Missouri Senate District 18.

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