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Ayanna Shivers

"My name is Ayanna Shivers and I would like the opportunity to represent District 10 (comprised of Audrain, Callaway, Lincoln, Monroe, Montgomery and Warren counties), in the Missouri Senate. If elected to serve as your senator, I will continue to make the needs of my constituents my priority. I am not running to become another politician, I am running to ensure that “We the people” have a voice. If Missouri is to experience positive change, it will only happen when we focus on “People Not Politics.”

I grew up in Mexico, MO and attended public schools.  The educational foundation that I received inspired me to become a school counselor and ultimately receive my Ph.D in education.  Initially, I worked in the public schools of South Carolina until I returned to Missouri in 2014, after being gone for 25 years.

Like many, I have become disheartened with the current state of our Missouri government. Politicians have passed legislation that has hurt our schools, our communities and negatively impacted the quality of life for their constituents. They often stop representing the people, to focus on the needs of the organizations and Political Action Committees that supported their campaigns.

It is time for a change. Missouri needs legislators who put their constituents first. My experience as an educator, pastor and city councilwoman is demonstrative of my history of making people my priority. In my 17 years as a school counselor I have gained the respect of thousands of students as I helped them reach their potential and pursue their dreams. As a pastor, I practice my faith by striving to be an example of the love of Christ to my congregation and others, by respecting an individual’s right to choose how to live their own life and treating people equally. Most recently, my role as a city councilwoman has enabled me to encourage others to become active in government and to share their opinions because there are those of us who truly care!" - Ayanna Shivers

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