Missouri Women's Leadership Coalition

Join us by contributing to our mission, all funds will be used to help elect pro-Choice, pro-ERA women to public office in areas outside major cities in Missouri. Join us today!

We have had great success in recruiting outstanding progressive women candidates in winnable targeted races outside of the urban areas of our State, and collectively we can give these candidates the support they need to run a successful campaign. Broaden our movement with your investment today - if you can make a contribution of $125, $75, or $30 your contribution will go to immediate work and make a critical difference in electing leaders in our State who share our views on issues vital to women each day.

Click here to make your secure donation online to MWLC. If you prefer to mail your contribution to MWLC, our address is 435 W 9th St #103 Kansas City, MO 64105. Act today to ensure you are part of the success of MWLC!

Thank you for extending the legacy of the vision and mission of MWLC to ensuring our voices are heard at the State Capitol.

With gratitude,


Jane Crigler, MWLC President